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Archive | February, 2015

Garnishing Domain Names for Unpaid Debts

Initially, in the far distant past, in the mid-1990s, domain names were seen primarily as addresses in cyberspace — much like telephone numbers or postal addresses to which they were analogized — rather than as assets of value in themselves. Realization that domain names were more than addresses came about quickly as one group of […]

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The Role of Investors in Marketing Literary Works

The following article first appeared in Independent Publisher. The full text can also be read in full below. Co-Author Gerald M. Levine Copyright adheres to creative works when they are fixed in tangible mediums of expression for the first time. At the moment of fixation authors own and control their works in every respect, but […]

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Renewal of Registration of Domain Names Used in Bad Faith

Whether renewal of registration of domain names used in bad faith is actionable is an urgent question for complainants who either acquired their marks later than domain name registration; or if earlier are unable to prove respondents had any knowledge of their marks when the domain names were registered. Under UDRP jurisprudence the consensus view […]

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