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IP Legal Corner, A Boutique Law Firm In New York

Welcome to our website. You can reach us by phone at (212) 596-0851

Levine Samuel, LLP is a boutique law firm in New York, located near the United Nations at 800 2nd Avenue, New York City, NY 10017 focusing principally on publishing-related matters and Intellectual Property (copyright, trademarks, Internet, and domain name issues). We represent authors, small publishers, copyright owners, domain name investors, businesses. For these clients, we vet manuscripts for defamation and privacy concerns, negotiate with publishers for authors,  advise, consult, and prepare copyright and trademark registrations. We also represent domain name investors in defending their domain names.

Sheila J. Levine is a publishing attorney with deep experience in publishing. Her legal services include reviewing and negotiating publishing contracts, representing clients as a consulting publishing attorney for book projects, counseling on copyright issues, and reading manuscripts for invasion of privacy and defamation. She is a co-author of numerous blogs on publishing, contract and copyright law on this website. Her bio can be viewed under the Partners tab. Sheila can be reached at (212) 866-5353 and by email at

Gerald M. Levine is a consulting attorney on matters relating to intellectual property rights management, trademarks, domain names, & cybersquatting; he is a commercial and intellectual property litigator, arbitrator and mediator. He is the author of a Domain Name Arbitration, a treatise crafted for trademark owners and domain name registrations on trademarks, domain names & cybersquatting (Second Edition, September 2019. He has published widely in print and online magazines and journals on arbitration, trademark, and domain name issues. He is an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association (AAA), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and a panelist for the Forum, CAC, and the CIIDRC ICANN certified providers for adjudicating cyberquatting disputes. Gerald can be reached at the main telephone number or email at During the covid-19 pandemic he can be reached at 917.325.2852.

We believe that attorneys should listen carefully to their clients’ issues and offer reasoned counsel and advice for internet and intellectual property law, and much more. You will always be working with one of the principals of the Firm, and your matters will always receive our attention. We invite you to read our essays and find out more about us. We represent agented and un-agented authors, literary agents, publishers, Internet entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and individuals.

Nothing is more important than understanding rights and protecting interests. Traditional and self-publishing authors uncertain about their rights and small businesses, and considering entering the cyber marketplace, are at risk if they do not understand the contracts put before them or the laws applicable to their work. If you are considering engaging an author’s rights representative to represent or assist you in your publishing endeavors and copyright or advising about cyber issues and trademark we look forward to hearing from you. You expect engaged principals when you retain counsel. This is what we offer at reasonable legal fees.

His treatise DOMAIN NAME ARBITRATION with a Foreword by The Hon. Neil A. Brown QC.  2019 (2nd Ed., September 2019) is described at the publisher’s website <>. Notices and Reviews can be found under the Media Kit tab on that website.
Hear Mr. Levine’s talk with Andrew Allemann, Domain Name Wire.

Commentaries on cybersquatting that originally appeared on are now incorporated on this website as are Blogs jointly authored with Sheila on publishing law, contracts, and copyright.  Gerald’s online essays on trademarks, domain names and cybersquatting are republished on A full list of Gerald’s publications is available at

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