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The Respondent Who Specializes in Misspellings

As trademarks composed of dictionary words or descriptive phrases descend the classification scale there is an increasing likelihood of registrants registering and using domain names corresponding to trademarks plausibly lacking knowledge of trademark owners. In the past several months the lower end includes <>, <> (God of Medicine), <>, <>, <>, and <>. Earlier there […]

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When Qwerty Keyboard is Evidence of Typosquatting; Omission of Letters that Spell Foreign Words, Not Typosquatting

UDRP’s anti-cybersquatting proscriptions focus on unfair business practices and deception. They are not intended to suppress competition or restrain commerce. The “behavior of innocent or good faith domain name registrants is not to be considered abusive.” WIPO Final Report paragraph 172. Several recent decisions illustrate examples of bad faith and innocent or good faith registration […]

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Typographical Variation of a Common Word: Typosquatting a Registered Mark

Adding, subtracting and transposing letters would seem to imply both knowledge of the complainant’s trademark and an intention to capitalize on the pre-existing goodwill associated with the complainant’s trademark. This is certainly true with recognized brands such as AMAZON (infringed by adding an extra “m” <>),, Inc. v. Victor Korotkov, D2002-0516 (WIPO August 13, […]

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