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Terminating Exclusive Licenses

Co-author, Gerald M. Levine Terminating exclusive licenses after the passage of time is a statutory right. The Copyright Act of 1976 decrees that the author shall have a right exercisable only once for each separate literary work under exclusive license and for a brief window of time after 35 years from the date of a […]

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Preparing for Reversion at Contract Inception

Co-author Gerald M. Levine Publishers typically offer an unsatisfactory reversion of rights clause so it is prudent to negotiate for an even playing field on this issue. Assuring author has a genuine right of reversion in the event her work goes out of print must be a high priority, particularly in an electronic environment where […]

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Terminating Exclusive Licenses and Recapturing Copyrights

Gerald M. Levine, Co-author Authors control the rights to their works until they agree to exclusive licenses for all or some of them. At that point the rights are controlled by the grantee, typically the publisher for the term of copyright. A typical provision in publishing contracts provides that “[t]he Author agrees to grant and […]

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