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Is Publishing Under Threat of Extinction?

C0-author Gerald M. Levine, Esq. The traditional world of publishing is under threat of extinction; at least, that is the chatter on the Internet and news stories . The current message forecasts a grim future. The evidence is all around us. There is a steady diet of gloom from news reports, court filings by the […]

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When Does “In Book Form” Include Grant of EBook Rights?

Co-author Gerald M. Levine In agreeing to publish a work publishers typically demand author “grant and assign” an exclusive license to “print, publish and sell” the work for the “term of copyright and all continuations, extensions, and renewals thereof” in stipulated languages and territories. In modern publishing agreements the language is clear that the grant […]

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Self publishing With E-Book Publishers (Q & A)

I am planning on self publishing through an e-book service.  Will my rights be transferred to the publisher by means of the terms and conditions of the agreement? Rights granted are only those that you agree to give.  The balance are retained.  Think of a contract as a proposal.  It is not a one-way street.  […]

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