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Vendor/Agent Holding Domain Name Hostage for Alleged Nonpayment of Fees

In a federal action under 15 U.S.C. 8131 (Cyberpiracy protections for individuals) the district court for the Middle District of Florida held that “cyber-extortion is not a permissible way of recovering a debt”), Salle v. Meadows, 6:07-cv-1089-Orl-31 (August 6, 2007). No federal cases on the “debt” issue have been found under Sec. 1125(d), but there […]

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Former Employees Registering Domains in their Own Names Without Employer’s Knowledge and Contrary to Instructions

An employee charged to attend to his employer’s intellectual property assets can have no right or legitimate interests in domain names he registers in his own name. The former employee in SIELTE S.p.A. v. Salvatore Gueci, FA1109001408629 (Nat. Arb. Forum November 7, 2011) offered to return the domain name for consideration, a violation under paragraph […]

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