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Multiple Registrations of Copyright (Q & A)

I wrote a paper that I registered for copyright a few years ago.  It was not published.  I am now completing a book length work that incorporates the unpublished paper.  Can I register the new work separately? Section 408(e) of the Copyright Law states that “Registration for the first published edition of a work previously […]

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Collective Work (Compilation) (Q & A)

What do I need to know about copyright on a collective work?  One of my stories is being reprinted in an anthology? Unless you have signed an assignment, you do not lose your copyright. I assume that this grant is non-exclusive and you are not prevented from having the story reproduced by yourself or others. […]

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Self publishing With E-Book Publishers (Q & A)

I am planning on self publishing through an e-book service.  Will my rights be transferred to the publisher by means of the terms and conditions of the agreement? Rights granted are only those that you agree to give.  The balance are retained.  Think of a contract as a proposal.  It is not a one-way street.  […]

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Symbol © on a Manuscript (Q & A)

I am planning on submitting a book manuscript to publishers.  Is it permissible to place a copyright notice on the manuscript? You are permitted to place the symbol © on your manuscript with your name and date of creation.  A copyright exists from the moment a copyrightable work is created. Registration is not a prerequisite […]

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Recourse for Copyright Infringement (Q & A)

I haven’t registered my essay.  What rights do I have against someone who has copied from it? An infringer can be sued in U.S. federal court, but only after a registration has been filed for the work.  One of the privileges of registration is standing to maintain an action.  If registration precedes infringement and you […]

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Who Owns the Copyright in a Commissioned Work? (Q & A)

I’m a freelance writer.  I’ve just completed a manual for a business group.  Our agreement is that the group will publish and distribute the manual to its members.  I intend to use the manual in my own workshop.  Can I copyright the work in my own name? You did no say whose name will appear […]

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Titles and Characters as Trademarks (Q & A)

I’ve heard of writers getting trademarks for their books.  How does one do this and what has to be done? Titles and characters as trademarks are possible but not personal names. Trademarks perform a different function than copyrights. First of all, understand the purpose of a trademark and why it is not for a single […]

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